A reminder that our students finish today, Thursday March 29, at 12.30pm after  the end of term liturgy in St Antony’s Church.

Students will bring home a copy of the latest Spring magazine that’s full of news that’s happened this term in school. It also includes important dates for the summer term that  parents will need to know.

We wish you all a very happy and holy Easter. 

See you all on April 12.


Councillor Terry Paul who was a St Bonaventure’s pupil from September 1979 came back into school today, March 28, to speak to our Year 9 TELCO group about the important issue of housing in Newham.

The group wanted to know what they could do to help improve the problem of homelessness and the increasing number of people being evicted in our borough. TELCO member, Ethan Suppaya spoke about how students need to feel secure  and safe and settled especially during exam times.

Being evicted plays havoc with the mental health of youngsters and Ethan and the team wanted to know what the current housing situation and  is like and other housing issues and they appreciated Cllr Paul’s frank and helpful dialogue at the meeting.

The TELCO team learned a lot and will now complete a report on their findings with the help of Alistair from TELCO.

After the meeting Cllr Paul had a look through old record books with Mr Halliwell and reminisced about his schooldays growing up in Canning Town. He found his admission information and said he loved his time at St Bon’s.






What a  cracking Easter week this is turning out to be.
Mr Firth went with our Year 8 Handball team  to The Olympic Park yesterday, March 27, and were declared the best Handball team in London.
The boys went to  the Copperbox area to represent Newham in the London Youth Games Finals and they breezed through their group winning all 3 games and the semi final 5-3.
The boys saved the best to last, winning the final 7-1 against St Paul’s School from west London. This leaves the boys unbeaten in ten games this season and both borough and London champions. 
The MVP was Camron Perreira-Lindley who was a real superstar,
Bring on the nationals now!



17 year old 6th Form student, Brendan Smith, was called into the Head’s office today, March 26, and given a Jack Petchey award.

Brendan gives up his free time to help run a night shelter at nearby St Antony’s Church during the weekend and is selfless and mature.

His kindness has been noted by many who are full of admiration for what Brendan does. It’s not always easy, but Brendan loves his role and is a real asset to Father John Jesus and his team of weekend carers.

Mr Halliwell explained: “If only there were more people in this world like Brendan. He is non judgemental and compassionate and deserves to be recognised for what he does. For someone so young, he really is unique.”

Brendan is deciding how to spend his award money.


We are the National Champions again after travelling to the National Performance Centre in Manchester on Friday, March 23.

Our under 16 team faced Barking Abbey and played exceptionally well.

Special mention goes to players Franklin Agu who was voted MVP scoring 30 points, Teon Edwards as captain and Dylan Alexander who scored three back to back three point shots.

Th end score was 80 points to 77.

Paolo Ancora and Stephen Onireti said they were immensely proud of the team and congratulated them for their excellent playing and dedication training leading up to the match.

Headteacher, Mr Halliwell, added that the whole team and teachers are a credit to the school.


A 14 year old Year 9 student from St Bonaventure’s In Boleyn Road, Forest Gate, has been praised for his actions by his Headteacher after helping a collapsed school chum in Capel Road on Tuesday night, March 20.

The drama unfolded after school when Dre Emmanuel was on his way home from a football match on Wanstead Flats where he had been playing in the quarter final of the London Cup against Thomas Tallis School from Blackheath.

After going to a penalty shoot out the team lost and the players began to make their way home. Dre noticed that one of the players, Matthew Lopez looked unwell and was walking on ahead. Matthew then collapsed on the ground with chest pains and that’s when Dre rushed to a nearby house and asked the resident to call an ambulance.

Quite some time passed and help still hadn’t arrived but Dre insisted on waiting with him despite being told it could take another two hours for an ambulance to attend. When it did arrive, Dre was adamant that he should go with him to hospital and wouldn’t leave his side until Matthew’s mum came. He underwent tests for shortness of breath and had an ECG but was released later that night.

Headteacher, Paul Halliwell, was told what had happened by Sam Bartlett who is the Curriculum Leader for PE at the school and he called Dre into his office and presented him with a Headteacher’s Commendation for his good deed.

Today, March 22, it was decided that Dre should receive the February Jack Petchey Award for putting others needs before his own and being a loyal and thoughtful friend during a lengthy time when others might have withdrawn their support.

Mr Halliwell concluded: “I am really proud of Dre for what he did and I know Matthew was grateful too. Not many teenagers would have stayed so long waiting but Dre was determined he wouldn’t leave his teammate and I think that is wonderful.”

Dre is deciding how to spend his award money.


Our Year 11 team made it through to the national England schools basketball finals on Monday, March 19, after tough encounter with Trinity Church of England High School from Manchester.
After a  long four hour drive up the M6 to Manchester and some weary legs, the boys had a slow start but later picked up momentum midway through the game.

Teon Edwards lead the way with 25 points to help secure a superb win of 74 – 58.

The team played with passion and determination and Mr Onireti is hugely proud of them.
This Friday, March 23, the boys will be looking to bring the title home once again when they return to the North West to face a team from Barking Abbey in the finals.
Good luck to our team:













We are all behind you.


Tomorrow, March 14, will see our school overflowing with a rosy glow as students and staff come in dressed in red for Red Wednesday for the charity Aid To The Church In Need (ACIN).

This charity does wonderful things to help and support those who are persecuted for their Christian faith.

Last year was the first time St Bonaventure’s got involved with this organisation and held a red mufti day which was a huge success and we raised £1, 278. We hope to match that amount this year.

It doesn’t matter how much red is worn and last year some children came in from head to tow in red clothes whilst other wore just a touch of red wearing red socks or a red belt. As long as a donation of £1 minimum is made it really is up to the individual how to style it out.

We look forward to seeing everyone in varying shades be it crimson, flame, scarlet, wine, cherry, rose, ruby, berry…you get the picture!


6th Form A Level Politics students spent the morning, March 9, with the Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Timothy Clement-Jones after he came in to school as part of the Peers in Schools programme.

Lord Clement Jones, 68, met with Year 12 and Year 13 pupils and spoke about the House of Lords and answered questions from the students.

Mrs Rahman arranged the visit and added: “He gave the students an insight into the House and was very relaxed and natural with them. I’m sure his visit will really help them have a better understanding how the House of Lords operates.”





Remember back to last week,Tuesday in fact, February 27, when the really bad weather and blizzards descended, it came as a bit of a shock when the weather took a sudden turn for the worse and visibility was poor with people scurrying about trying to get out of the icy snow as quickly as possible.

For one Year 13 6th Form St Bonaventure’s student, 18 year old Urfan Alam, it was business as usual as he was going offsite and was in Boleyn Road when he noticed a wallet on the snow-covered pavement. He immediately picked it up and walked back to school to hand it in to Mrs Norman in Reception.

Mrs Norman then set about trying to find out whose wallet it was and found an I.D. pass inside with the man’s photo and work number. After contacting his place of work, they told him his wallet had been found  and a local resident came in to collect his wallet really happy and relieved to get his credit cards and personal items back.

The man was so happy he came back in with £20 reward money for the student.

Today we finally managed to track down the kind pupil and Mr Halliwell thanked him for his public spirited action and handed over the reward.

Mrs Norman added: “I really should have made a note of the student’s name but it was really hectic  with the wintry weather and all week I have been looking for him and today I manged to find him. He was really shy and shocked that the man wanted to thank him this way as he felt he was just doing the right thing. I’m really glad we could reunite the wallet with its owner and I’m glad too  that Urfan’s good deed didn’t go unnoticed.”