INTERVIEWS for the new 2018 -2019 Head Boy and Deputy Head Boys took place on Friday, June 15, with Mr Halliwell, Ms Qurrey and Mr Hayes on the panel.

The quality of candidates was really impressive Mr Halliwell reported, but after much cogitation and deliberation this morning he announced the new Head Boy to be former St Winefride’s pupil, 10 Forest’s Chibuike Agu.

Chibuike was thrilled to receive the title and says he’s really looking forward to helping make a difference in school in the forthcoming year.

10 Heath’s Kelvin Paul and 10 Gregory’s Adrian Osuoha were named as Deputy Head Boys too.

Many congratulations from everyone in school.

Head Boy, Chibuike


Deputy Head Boy, Kelvin


Deputy Head Boy, Adrian


Today, June 13,  we welcomed 21 year old Newham Councillor, Mariam Dawood to school to speak to our Year 12 Politics’ students in the library.

Mariam is from Manor Park and described as the youngest Newham Councillor.

She has just finished a degree at King’s College and will attend LSE to do a Master’s.

She spoke to pupils about local critical issues and her charity work and she took questions from the audience.

Mr McDonald, Mrs Rahman and Mr Flynn want to thank her for coming in and giving an insight into a day in her life.


DO you remember the song, ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing?’…this talented duo certainly did this afternoon, June 13 – Kathy Underhill and Bernadette Maskell, – as they came into school to teach the choir the new school hymn that Kathy has written.

It’s believed this is the first time in the school’s 141 year history that a school hymn has existed and everyone was really excited to hear it for the first time today.

The students picked up the tune really quickly and Ms Qurrey went on to say: “It sounded amazing and I am so proud to have helped arrange this. I’m sure it will become a firm favourite and we plan to sing it at every assembly and liturgy. It is really beautiful. The hymn is very poignant and covers lots of aspects on what makes our school unique and special. I’m sure the students will love it.”


St Bonaventure’s is taking part in an asthma research programme in a bid to promote better health in young people and children with asthma.

The ‘My Asthma in School’ programme aims to engage students and improve awareness and management of their asthma.

 Developed by researchers at Queen Mary University it is being led by Paediatrician by Professor Jonathan Grigg.

Asthma is the most chronic condition in young people in the UK and it’s a fact that UK children experience more hospitalisation from asthma than their peers in the rest of Europe.

It is a leading cause of absenteeism in schools and in London alone more than 60,000 children live with the condition. If not managed well, asthma negatively affects many areas of a young person’s. life.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has written saying he wants all London schools to take part in the programme and spoke about his asthma and identified other positive role models who live with asthma like Paul Radcliffe and David Beckham.

Mrs Racon will be co-ordinating our school’s involvement with a series of workshops to help reduce symptoms  and the risk of an asthma attack as well as improving awareness and management. She will be working with the team to distribute information to parents of children with asthma and sending out questionnaires.

She went on to explain: “This is a unique learning opportunity for us to work with the centre for Genomics and Child Health at Queen Mary’s through a series of theatre performances and educational workshops. We hope their research will improve the quality of life for children with fewer visits to their doctor or hospital.”


I am very pleased to announce that we have now appointed our Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT) for the coming year.
The standard of the interviews was exceptional, but two student leaders emerged as being truly outstanding candidates for the roles of Head Girl and Head Boy at St Bonaventure’s 6th Form.
Ashanaye Burke and Jamie Halliwell will lead the team of deputies and senior prefects and they were given a rapturous applause from the rest of their year group in assembly this morning, June 11.
 I look forward to working with this highly capable and driven group, who have expressed a keen interest in improving inclusion across the school and campaigning for a safer community. I am sure they will achieve all they set out to and much more.
Wayne Templeman
Director of 6th Form


THE LONG trek up the motorway to Worcester was well worth it this weekend for our handball team as we were declared the National Under 13 Handball Champions with a fantastic 2 – 1 win.

Noah Myers is to be congratulated for scoring both goals.

The team played superbly and won all six of their games in the lead up to the final.

They faced Pate’s Grammar School from Cheltenham in Gloucester in the final and played magnificently.

Mr Firth and Mr Bartlett  went with the boys and were thrilled with the result.

Afterwards, the team were treated to a celebratory Nando’s.

That’s another national title we can add to our already impressive list.




MAY’S Jack Petchey Award was presented today, June 8, to Year 9 St Bonaventure’s student, Liam Duggan.
14-year-old Liam has amazing organisational skills and is instrumental in ensuring the Wednesday Anime Club runs as smooth as clockwork each week. The club has never been so popular with numbers increasing week on week and there are currently 35 boys who come to watch the Japanese cartoons.
Talented singer Liam  took part in  carol singing for dementia patients at Christmas at Shrewsbury Hospital in East Ham and also played a pivotal role in organising a school Spring Concert in the absence of a Head of Music this year. It turned out to be a beautiful event and will go down in school history as being one of the best concerts ever staged. 
Headteacher Mr Halliwell presented Liam with his award today and commented: “I am really impressed at how Liam can manage to arrange huge events like he does. It takes real skill but somehow he pulls it off.”
Liam will now receive £250 to spend as part of his award. 


NEXT Tuesday, June 12, there is to be a Mufti Day for an organisation called Missio.
This organisation is the Catholic Church’s official charity for overseas mission and sends money to support communities in some of the most difficult areas of the world.
They provide health care and education in South America, East and Central  Africa, The Philippines, South Asia.
Collections are currently being taken on ParentPay and this is the easiest way of paying.
Please speak to your Parents and ask them to make the £2 contribution before Monday.
If you do not make a contribution on ParentPay and come to school on Tuesday out of uniform, you will need to make a cash donation of £2 at least.
If you do not want to make a contribution, wear your uniform to school. 
If you choose to come out of uniform and do not make the contribution, you will be sent home by your Head of Year.
Charity is an important part of any religion and this charity is one of Pope Francis’ official charities. The £2 contribution is not much for us but together we could raise £2000 on Tuesday and in Northern India or Bangladesh or Malawi this could fully staff a health clinic for a year.

Thank you in advance.


DID you know that it’s not only elderly people that can be affected by the cruel disease Alzheimer’s but some young  and middle aged people too?

These Year 12 and Year 10 students learned a lot about dementia yesterday, June 4, when The Alzheimer’s Society in Newham came in to deliver a very informative workshop to them.

Miss Roddy went on to explain: “Students signed up to become friends of the society and they will be delivering awareness assemblies to all Year groups next academic year. They were shocked to hear that dementia can affect the young as well as the old and were given strategies for supporting someone with dementia.”

What caring, inclusive teenagers these teens are. We wish them well as as they prepare to spread the message to our students next year.

The more people are aware of the condition they will hopefully be more patient and understanding and that can’t be a bad thing in this fast-paced and at times uncaring world.



FORMER student and now qualified Doctor, Mohammed Iqbal, came into school yesterday, May 23, to speak to a group of students who are interested in a career in medicine.

Mohammed joined our 6th Form from Forest Gate School in 2009 and studied Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics A Levels before going to Queen Mary’s University where he studied medicine.

Whilst at university, Mohammed returned each year to mentor 6th Form students who were interested in dentistry and medicine. He says he really loved volunteering and helping Year 12 students.

Qualifying in 2017, Mohammed is now working at Bart’s Hospital and has said without St Bonaventure’s he would not be a doctor. A very gracious and kind comment to make.

Yesterday Mohammed spoke to wannabe medics and dentists and discussed the path he chose and what he needed to do to realise his dream. 

The students found his talk very fruitful and interesting and it made them even more determined to do well in their studies and follow suit.

Thanks to Mohammed for his inspirational visit. It  was really appreciated. We look forward to seeing him again next year.